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Why Do I Need a Business Coach?

Business coaching allows business owners and their employees to implement their business plan and “staying the course”. This service can be used once in a while or as a three (3) month package. Our business coaches will help you deal with the challenges while still maintaining focus on the big picture.

The Questionnaire

Our initial questionnaire will be provided to the individual(s) being coached to gain insight into their business, issues that need to be addressed, goals (business & personal), and the areas of the business where they feel they require the most help.

Questionnaire for Business Plan
Interview for Business Plan

The Interview

This is where we find out how we can help you! We assess your current state in your business and career life, as well as the end goal that you are trying to achieve by getting a business coach.

The Sessions

Each session is a set number of hours and will be governed by an agenda. This agenda takes into consideration the needs and goals that were brought up in our initial interview, as well as assessments of pitfalls and triumphs that have been accomplished during our time together.

Sessions for Business Plan

Coaching Fees

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