Our team of professionals has written over 5,000 business plans that have been approved for over $350 Million in capital for our clients. We work closely with all American banks, the Small Business Administration (SBA) and all Government Grant programs to ensure the quality of our business plans. We have the track record of creating business plans that get you funding. Our clients invest in us because we create the framework for their business which they can then take to banks, lending organizations, investors and the like, to have them finance their business dreams.

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Silver Business Plan

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Recommended for licensing, permits, lease applications, etc. Not recommended for funding applications

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Gold Business Plan

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Recommended for funding applications up to $500K

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Platinum Business Plan

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Recommended for funding applications $500K and more.

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BizPlan Pros provides you with all the services you need to build a better business. From our business plan writing services, to business coaching, accounting and bookkeeping assistance to  help with starting a business from scratch, we have over 30 years’ experience helping business owners develop their business strategy with ease and professionalism.

The price of your business plan depends on two major factors (and some minor ones, but let’s concentrate on the big ones). 1. The complexity of the business we need to describe – the more complex the business the more writing will have to be done about it. 2. The purpose of your business plan. For example, are you applying for a $25,000 government grant or a million dollar business loan etc.? The consultant will go over these questions with you during your free consultation and give you customized quote.

Yes we do! It is at the bottom of our “Resources” page. You can download it absolutely free! This free template will give a good understanding of all the sections which a proper business plan must include.

Depending on which plan you choose (Silver, Gold Platinum) it usually takes 1 – 3 weeks respectively.

Once we settle on the kind of business plan you need. Our staff will begin to communicate with you immediately through email or telephone (according to your preference) and we will send you a questionnaire and a financial spreadsheet to collect some information about your business.

You should begin to fill out the questionnaire and the spreadsheet as soon as possible. As an FYI, the more detail you provide the better your plan will be as it will give us more insight into your business and how you intend to operate.  Please let your contact at BizPlan Pros know if you need assistance with the questionnaire or the financial spreadsheet. Once we have your information, the writer will be in the position to develop your financial graphs, charts and break-even analysis.

Yes, all the fees charged by BizPlan Pros are 100% tax deductible as a business expense.

Based on the feedback we have been receiving from our clients over the years, we have been about 85% successful in helping our clients acquire funding for their businesses from various sources.

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